Pumice Stone - 5 Pack

5 Pack of Our Cleaning Stones
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Pumice is a rock. Pretty boring, right? But used the right way, pumice can clean away dead skin, freshen those dirty spots on your elbows and get rid of nasty callouses. Heck, you can even use it to clean up your toilets and sinks! If you want to get all science-y about it, pumice is a textural rock formed by volcanic eruptions deep underground.

Magma transforms into an amorphous aluminum silicate—or pumice! Pumice is found in pyroclastic flows or accumulated into drifts, piles and banks by wind or wave action and is then mined.

We told you it would be kind of boring.

But like we said, there are so many uses for pumice! Just look at this fancy list we created for you!

- Abrasives in dental paste, cosmetic scrubs, hand cleansers, and pencil erasers
- Textile softening
- Waste water treatment
- Drinking water treatment
- Spill absorbent
- Horticulture

It’s just a small list, but pumice is amazing! Here at BK Pumice, we saw a use for pumice and turned it into an easy-to-use stone that you can use around your home. Our stone is created by hand yet is so strong, you can use it over and over without any issue.

Is there a PuMouse in your house? To you, our slogan sounds weird, but have you ever thought about what is means to have a pumice stone?


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